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Steven Van Hasten

International editorial and children's book illustrator. Belgium

Steven Van Hasten
Belgian artist Steven Van Hasten grew up in Courtrai, an ancient commercial town in West Flanders. He drew and painted on everything as a child, and created his first illustrated story – about a knight - at the age of six. His parents knew he’d grow up to be an artist. Now he’s a successful illustrator working across children’s books, editorial and advertising, he still has that passion for drawing. Each week he and some friends practice life drawing with a nude model.

Based in Gent, he goes hiking in Scotland every year, owns over 10,000 comic books, and – as he should – enjoys a good Belgian beer.


As a boy, Steven went to his local art academy to learn drawing and painting. He later completed a Masters at the Sint-Lucas School of Arts in Gent, where he studied graphic design and illustration.


Steven’s preferred medium is acrylic paints. If he’s illustrating a book, he’ll read the story and let it settle for a week or so while he thinks about it. After playing with the ideas, he’ll start sketching. Paintings begin with him blocking out the composition in opposing shades – a dark purple versus a paler green, for instance. He’ll then paint on layers to create depth and texture.


Steven has a unique, painterly style that’s perfect for picture books, advertising and editorial commissions. Strong contrast, plenty of detail and a variety of brushstrokes are characteristics of his work, while his characters have plenty of oddball charm.
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snake, hippie, sixties, peace, flowers, flower power,psychedelic
philosophy, man, dove, asking,query, pigeon, hat
source, people, health
zebra, animal
Robot painting
horse, zebra, stripes, coloring, pencil
Illustration for an exhibtion 'Fortuna' about gambling, luck and addiction
skunk, animal, smell, flies, fly, bomb, anarchy, anarchist, skull, clouds
crocodile, mean, bird, thief, outlaw, bandit
bird, parachute, sky, flying, fly
Sad animals, ape, monkey, mouses
Animals, apes, monkey, bird, running
transport, train, bus, car, bicycle, sunny
Men with books, funny, backpack
sport, tennis, golf, bike, bicycle,
books, food, sweets, cook book
football, soccer, sport, house, building, laws, town-lplanning
war, tank, trees, parachutes, laws, juridic, environment
row, boat, team, teamplaying, yelling, fish, water, numbers, sportsmen, people
flags, bear, fear, frightened, scared
finance, money, account, accountancy, numbers, labyrinth, thief, pig, piggy bank
circus juggling prison pyramid music
Indian woman painted with acrylic
Illustration for memo game: portrait of a Hippo brushing his teeth...
Birds, ape, monkey, sky, boxing gloves
soldier, island, bottle, Vietnam, military, American, book, reading, alcohol, drunk, storm
turtle, house, cosy, tortoise, flowers
friendship, boys, children, kids, made up
moon, astronaut, helmet, giraffe, earth,
elephant, animal
Belgium, lion, men, man, trees, forest, cock
global warming, people, giraf, birds, apes, monkeys, photography, bar, trees, nature, music, guitar
birds, flying, ape, insects, boxing gloves
Reading, books, flying, funny
letters, typo, children, boys, kids, frightened
cook, restaurant, food, kitchen
psychiatrist, house, anniversary, bench, clouds
spanish, teacher, arena, bull, bull fighting, people, men man
big fish, boat, fisherman
dog, zebra, flags, men, woman, scared, frightened
finance, money,, numbers, chess,horse
space school shuttle teacher student planet earth spaceship innovation
Lion, birthday, balloons, wild, nature, clouds
pen art penis erotic seduce eve prison seduction
illustration, STeven Van Hasten, Spanish, man, humour
Painted bird
bird, airplane, sick, illness, sky, wheelchair
giraffe, bicycle
anniversary, knights, hulk, whale, moby dick, michael jackson, cat woman, frankenstein
Africa, woman, moon, forest, birds, henna, evening
hairdresser, chair, bird, scissors
giants, children, afraid, scared, frightened, scary, monsters
fish, man, sad, sadness, moon, trees, night, dark
Children, boys, kids, frightened, shadow
Child, whale, bath, boat
kids, children, smell, flowers, sleeping
Robbedoes, king, Belgium, marsupilami
home, house, clouds, restrictions, town-planning, law, juridic, environment
mathematics, teacher, school, numbers, woman
flag, birds, BBQ, man, roof, football
plane, aircraft, man

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