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01:30 PM - 17 Oct 18
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12:13 PM - 16 Oct 18
12:10 PM - 16 Oct 18
12:10 PM - 16 Oct 18
12:09 PM - 16 Oct 18
Watercolour Drawing For Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Polo

Jacqueline Bissett works with Ralph Lauren Polo on an invitation to a summer event

Customers of Ralph Lauren Polo were treated to this delightful invitation by fashion and lifestyle illustrator Jacqueline Bissett, sent out by email the invitation invited the customer to board the 'Custom Bus' where they could digitally create their own Polo t shirt.

The fashion event ran alongside Wimbledon where Jacqueline was also asked to do a short time-lapse showing the bus and an illustration of models outside their flagship store, both of which she illustrated on her iPad Pro using the Procreate app.

 Visit Jacqueline's videos HERE to see the time-lapse


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